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Finding your Higher Purpose

Coach Dr. Paras sheds light on the path to finding your purpose that goes beyond merely following your passion

If you want a happy and content life, along with greater professional success as well as inner peace, it’s vital to define many things in life. Nothing can be achieved without perseverance and passion. But, a lot has been said about passion. 

“Finding your passion often leads to your purpose.” Isn’t that the popular opinion? However, I have coached, trained, studied, mentored thousands of clients and students the world over. Based on my studies, I’ve documented a theory towards finding your purpose. This is based upon a sound understanding of human needs, with clarity for the vision while moving towards finding your purpose.

Human beings are caught in the vicious circle of survival needs. For example, a man born to a family from a modest background may be caught up for years surviving within the struggle. He will work towards fulfilling his basic survival need to book a house, maintain finances to support the family. He will work and be part of the grind that drives him away from his passion, and nowhere closer to his purpose. Does this story sound familiar? Do you identify with the struggle? Are you wondering what is my life’s purpose?

How to Know your Purpose in Life with Dr. Paras

1) Survival Needs

Finding your purpose is a combination of many things. The survival needs form the base of the pyramid. Here, survival needs denote you survive on whatever you have for the present moment. 

Survival needs include the following 3 needs-

  1. Existential Needs: This need is connected to building self-esteem. “I exist”, “You exist”, “We exist”
  2. Emotional Needs: These needs include the need to connect, share feelings of love and intimacy.
  3. Social Needs: This need defines the human need to build connections in a community, and it arises from the need to feel accepted by others.


Let’s take the step to know your needs by answering the life purpose questionnaire. Do write the answers for a self-analysis.

Know Your Needs

  1. What are your needs to survive in your current environment?
  2. How do you plan to fulfill the needs? 
  3. What is lacking in the current situation?
  4. List your needs that are fulfilled.
  5. How does your behavior impact self, others and environment when needs are unfulfilled? 

2) Expression Needs

I spent a great number of years studying in different groups, learning from different teachers, diverse people and cultures. Here, I have learned the concept of the Expression Needs to convey a need that goes beyond survival. So, what is an Expression need? This is about working towards a passion. So, let’s say you are passionate about building a store for your creative venture. You explore the possibilities to work endlessly towards your passion. You break free from the barriers of merely surviving. Thus, Expression needs arise only from passion and can be worked upon at any age. Humans may feel the importance of Expression needs at different levels in life. A person may reject the survival need to focus only on passion. A professional who has spent 20+ years in a full-time role may find his Expression need is gaining prominence. He may feel the need to pursue his passion albeit at a later age in life. A person may even move towards the Expression Needs once their Survival needs have been met. 

This need must not be confused with the Vision or the Purpose.

Did you ever feel you have ignored or subdued your Expression needs? Write down your honest opinions for the questions below. 

Know Your Needs

  1. What does your inner voice say to you? 
  2. How do you wish to connect your passion with the world? What do you wish to do to begin life on a fresh note?
  3. What are the things you wish to do to make you happy?
  4. What do you want to do to achieve your dreams?
  5. How would you like to make an impact on the world and what are the qualities you would like to be remembered for?
  6. How would you want to establish your identity?

3) Understanding the Purpose 

What is your purpose? You may have given this a thought. Let me simplify things for you. The purpose is all about developing an inner calling about contributing to society. It’s about working towards the betterment of others fueled by your willingness to work towards it. 

The purpose is not centered around you. It is about you raising and uplifting the lives of others. 

There are people who are trapped and they struggle between the Survival and Expression needs. Most do not realize the Purpose arises independently. It is irrespective of the other needs. It is not about discovering ‘your passion’. It’s going beyond Survival needs and Expression needs to make a mark in the lives of people. 

Let’s say a person operating from his Expression needs may look to fulfill his dream to make a mark on the world while improving lives and creating a space for himself. Here, the situation is still centered around “I Exist”. Is that his purpose? No, not really.

The purpose goes beyond this need. The purpose is about surrendering without any ulterior motive for self. A person who surrenders to work for others has opened up his possibility to serve people and is free internally. The focus is on the larger picture rather than “I Exist”. He is not pursuing his passion here, he is moving towards his true calling.

We all have a purpose within us.

It is left to us how to discover the purpose of life. Do you know the purpose is already within you?

The purpose is independent!

It is about a cause you are willing to work towards irrespective of the situation.

When you move towards the highest vision, you are working towards the greater good of self.

Do you want to discover your purpose? Answer the life purpose questionnaire.

Know Your Purpose

  1. What are the ways you can contribute to the environment you live in?
  2. What does your inner calling say in connection with your role in the Universe?
  3. How do you wish to serve humanity and the new generation?
  4. What are your ideas to create a purposeful and a meaningful existence that brings harmony in the Universe?
  5. How can you donate your skill, money, and/or your time for the betterment of others?

You listen to your inner voice while acknowledging that this purpose isn’t about you. It’s about the world.

You have the power within you to bring the change and create better lives for others. 

Questions on how to know your purpose in life? Write to [email protected]