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10 Ways to Achieve Spiritual Awakening through the Spiritive Way of Mindfulness

Do you really know what you want in life? Have you ever developed your personal vision board?

Mindfulness does just that. It makes you aware and question yourself. Regular practice of mindfulness brings your attention to the present moment - makes you fully aware of what’s here, what you are doing, and how you can select your responses instead of reacting. You are fully present in the current moment without being overwhelmed with everything that happens around you. Mindfulness meditation is the kind of mental exercise everyone needs to practice on a daily basis. The result? Spiritual mindfulness creates a healthy and fit mind, leading to a healthy body. Your psychological fitness is as important as your physical strength.

Learn to rule your mind. Don’t allow your mind to play tricks and run your life

I’ve often seen people running a race without any idea about the goal. In my 14+ years of coaching experience, I’d be quick to emphasize the need of connecting to yourself. Mindfulness makes that connection to self, the spirit, and your energy an effortless task. The more you develop an awareness about yourself, the more you will discover the hidden layers beneath. You’ll discover which actions were performed due to societal pressure, family pressure, and how many of these actions reflected your true sense of purpose.

I’ve noticed people kickstarting their career in their mid-40s. What made them choose a different path? Was it only about their passion? Was it the revelation of having lost valuable time to pursue a passion? This passion is connected to your spiritive side, one that you are supposed to nurture and enjoy. One that is buried deep in your soul beneath the expectations of others. Your inner self is pure, it is beautiful, and waiting to be rekindled by you.

Have you taken the time to pause and look within?

Too many people I have partnered with have spent time looking behind or worrying about the future. What they missed is the Power of Now. With a spiritual mindfulness way of living, you will find yourself closer to peace and contentment. Your problems may not melt away. Your happiness may not always multiply. What changes is your perception towards issues bringing a sense of calm and immense energy to your body, mind, and soul.

As a Mindfulness Practitioner®, I’d like to share my valuable teachings and research so that you can embrace these learnings of life with an open mind.

10 Ways to Improve your Life using the Power of Spiritual Mindfulness

Learn to rule your mind. Don’t allow your mind to play tricks and run your life. While you use the following tips, download the Mindfulness Practitioner® App to listen to my meditation sessions. Practice one daily for best results. You’ll observe mindfulness is about making everything a spiritual practice.

1) Find your Purpose

Why are you here? What is it that you seek? Is it a job? A promotion? Or, something truly deep? We all love doing many things that connect with our spiritive side. It makes us alive. What ignites this spark? I do not emphasize running away from your job or responsibilities here. What I want to highlight is to combine all these activities that bring that joy to your life. You’ll soon notice what a wonderful week you’ll have without waiting for that yearly vacation. With time, you’ll discover the true purpose.

2) Work on Inner Alignment

Are you truly and honestly in the present moment? Did you know that every beautiful soul out there probably lives only 10% in the present moment? We are living inside our mind without being connected to the world outside. Our obsession with the memories in the past and the future worries, add the distraction of smartphones and the internet - all this makes inner alignment a tough task. To live mindfully is to live fully in the moment. It’s like waking up from that worthless dream to pursue your real dreams and make them a reality. Regular mindfulness meditation practice will bring this inner peace throughout the day - no matter the weather (situation) outside, you’ll always be the ruler of your mind. You will find that joy, love, peace and a centered feeling all within you.

3) Better Connection while Eating

So often, we gobble our meals without being fully present in the moment. I have noticed that a single person may operate more than two screens at a time during the simple process of eating food. By adopting a spiritive way of mindfulness, you tune in to the taste and the fragrance of the food and feel nourished and satisfied after every bite. This leads to better digestion of food making your body and mind healthy, and connected to your true self. You no longer need the distraction of a television set or a mobile device making mealtimes a spiritual way to pay attention to the self.

4) Improved Breathing

We all breathe. The quality of breath is what matters here. Spiritual mindfulness brings a sense of calm and as you meditate often, you’ll notice a rhythmic breathing pattern. Your attention is often drawn to your breath particularly in stressful situations. Why is this important? As a human, you’ll soon learn to free yourself from stressful thoughts and develop the art of detachment. The stress will no longer block your senses and impair your breathing techniques. This takes time, but a single mindfulness meditation a day will add life back to your breath.


5) Learning to Pause

Stop. Wait. Hold on for a second. Don’t rush through your morning routine. Don’t rush through your work schedule. If you’ve been doing this, chances are, you haven’t noticed how the weeks fly by and turn into months, years, and a couple of years more. Pause right now and feel the moment. The weight of your body in the chair, the feeling of the morning sun rays touching the window pane, the light raindrops that make a pattern on the leaves. Learn to pause for a couple of moments during your schedule. Yes, we all are busy, but never that busy to pause. Appreciate things about you and practice gratitude. Your inner mind and spirit will find a new sense of energy that will infuse more vibrancy to your personality.

6) The Art of Apology

When you understand meditation and spiritual life, you’ll connect better with your true self. I’ve seen how my clients have successfully conquered the critical inner voice and stopped putting the blame on self. Yes, we all make mistakes. Not everyone learns to forgive though. Mindfulness makes you aware of the importance of apologizing to self - mistakes made, miscalculations, incorrect judgments, choices, and more. By forgiving yourself and apologizing where required, you build a better life for self and connect wonderfully with people around.

7) Using Chakra Dhyana

Awaken your spiritual consciousness with Chakra Dhyana meditation. The Chakras (wheels) refer to the energy points in the body. The Prana (refers to the life force) is what moves through the body’s energy channels (visualize this like a flowing river through your veins) and combines with the energy points. With the help of mindfulness meditation, you can activate and open the 7 chakras in the body. This has numerous benefits apart from stimulating the consciousness, spiritiveness, and balancing our emotional health. A good balance in the chakras is all about driving feelings of depression, sadness, anxiety, worry, and more away. Learn how to practice meditation here.

8) Being Observant

Your inner self is pure, it is beautiful, and waiting to be rekindled by you.

Look at the sky. You’ll notice a cloud floating by. You see another one. It has no effect on you. That’s just a cloud. On its journey. Mindfulness makes you aware of your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, and more. You’ll be highly observant of your thoughts. You will listen to them, observe, and be non-judgmental about them. Mindfulness meditation will make you present and aware at the moment, while not getting caught up in the whirlwind of your thoughts. You will no longer get carried away by the past or into the future and your thoughts will float by like the clouds. One of the reasons I strongly advocate mindfulness is to be observant and improve your life by not allowing your thoughts, and your mood to dictate your state of mind. This is one of the most important steps to lead a spiritive way of life.

9) Build Better Connections

The fast-paced world with the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) culture makes it even more difficult to connect with the self. I’ve already described the importance of pausing. Now, I’d like to emphasize on connecting all the senses.

The soft touch of the grass against your bare feet, the warmth and snug feeling of a partner’s embrace that creates an explosion of feelings. The salty spray of the sea waves on the skin. The golden glow emanating from the sun as it sinks below the horizon, away from sight only to rise again…

Mindfulness brings attention to the simple pleasures of life and ensures your senses coordinate well with each other. You will be surprised to notice how many things bring joy to your life - these things are no longer dependent on your purchasing power and are already existing in your life. A happy mind equals to a happy soul, and spiritual mindfulness does just that.

10) Simplify your Life, Improve Focus, Find Peace

The Spiritive way of Mindfulness as I normally train my students in my courses, includes a combination of techniques to simplify your life. Mindfulness helps to calm, and heal by getting you started in the right direction. Improved awareness leads to better focus. You identify what is important for you while focusing on the present moment. Your mind no longer wanders making it easier to plan and commit to your goals. You also learn to let go and find true peace and contentment as you no longer carry the baggage of the past, expectations, worries, and thoughts that no longer serve your purpose.

Mindfulness develops your intuition by indicating what is important and not worthy of your attention. A better connection with self leads to finding the purpose of your life. You look at life from a spiritive point of view and understand the meaning of your existence. The present moment is what matters and peace prevails when the truth is discovered.

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