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International Yoga Day: Internal Balance is the Key

The celebration of International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day has raised the awareness of this ancient discipline the world over. Yoga, a spiritual and physical discipline was never a sole form of exercise. This is where one uses the combination of breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation to achieve good health and balance in life. Yoga and meditation is now a way of life to many across the world. .

A meditative mind is about nurturing the self - the mind, body, soul, and the environment we live in.

As a Mindfulness Practitioner, Yoga has been a part of my daily routine. It is as important as having a wholesome meal to the act of doing my regular work all throughout the day. Yoga makes you that way - fully aware of what’s good for you, ensuring you make the right choices. Yoga is a name derived from the Sanskrit root word (yug) and signifies ‘to unite’ (union of the mind and body in this case). The benefits of Yoga and meditation is easy to witness in everyday life. .

The celebration of International Yoga Day brought my attention to the theme for this year - Climate Action. Yoga, one of the most effective methods to achieve improved connections with self, has definitely got a connection with the world we live in. Which is why, the importance of yoga and meditation is even more higher in recent times. .

Mother Nature. We are nothing without her. She is the supreme energy. The sun controls all the life forms. An imbalance in this natural environment causes so much harm to our lives. We are all aware of climate change. But, why is this change happening? Can yoga and meditation create a better world? .

This change is about making conscious decisions that empower you to choose the right path without causing harm to your environment.

Every little species is interdependent on each other. Every living thing has a part to play in the natural ecosystem. When one is affected, so are the others that are dependent on this source of life. Ever seen what happens when you keep your plants away from the sun? You’ll find them slowly wilting away, longing for that ray of sunshine. .

The changing climate is a concern of epic proportions as it is affecting the environment we live in, and us in turn. How can an imbalanced world provide us a nurturing environment for growth? What about our present? What about the future?.



Maintaining a Balanced Mind with Yoga

Yoga lays emphasis on our breathing techniques and the way we hold our body postures through various asanas. The practice of Yoga is useful to create and maintain a balance that stems from within. With regular practice, you bring an internal change in the way you think and live your life. This change is about making conscious decisions that empower you to choose the right path without causing harm to your environment. When we as people become responsible, nature is also taken care of. Human greed must be taken over by thoughtful climate actions that are aimed to sustain our natural resources. .

A meditative mind is about nurturing the self - the mind, body, soul, and of course, the environment we live in. It’s about making that change in the lifestyle - one Yoga Asana at a time.

Yoga and Meditation: 5 Ways to Improve the World We Live In

  1. Be Mindful about the things you buy, and the waste you generate. Always ask yourself, “Do I need this?” before you make the purchase.
  2. Be conscious about your water usage. Simple things such as having a shorter bath time, and closing the tap when you’re brushing your teeth makes a huge difference.
  3. BYOB. Here, we mean, Bring Your Own Bag. Carry your own bags around at shopping stores. Yes, don’t forget to include your own drinking water bottle.
  4. Fix things! It’s easy to trash things but did you know? You can easily fix some things to reuse them again. So, before you trash an item, think again. Can this be fixed?
  5. Reduce the use of plastic. This also includes paying attention to your grocery lists and the amount of packaged foods that is purchased. Avoid the intake of heavily processed food and ready-to-eat meals. You’ll be doing your body a favor while ensuring there is less plastic on earth.




The moment you discover this oneness with self, you connect better with the world and nature around you.

International Yoga Day or the World Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21. The idea was conceptualized and proposed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 at the UN address.