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Underwater Meditation: Combining Mindfulness, Yoga, and Calm Beneath the Sea

I peered over the boat. The equipment felt a little heavier than expected. Was it the weight of the equipment? Or the weight on my own worries? I brushed my thoughts aside.

It was a whole new world that lay beneath the rippling water. I saw gentle waves lapping up to the shore as we moved further and further away. The salty water had many tales to tell. And, many secrets to hold of the years gone by. Tales of fear, joy, excitement, calmness, and more.

I looked behind. The shore seemed far away. The stress was already melting as well. My to-do list? Well, I think that could wait. What mattered now was being mindful in the moment. And, what better way than to experience mindfulness than through scuba diving?

As we prepared ourselves, I checked my equipment for the last time. Under the guidance of experts, I was ready to take the plunge. And, I jumped, my back hitting the water first as I saw the glimpse of the blue sky melting away.

The best thing is, you can carry around this sense of quiet and calm even in your daily life.

The water quickly engulfed me. As I practice yoga, mindfulness techniques, and meditation daily, I adjusted my body and mind in this new environment in an effortless manner. The attention to the present moment is highlighted as one is exposed to a completely different atmosphere- one where the phone won’t buzz or meetings won’t make a difference. You don’t have to #InstaReady here and your only audience are species you can’t communicate with verbally.

It was only me, the water, the silence, the wonders of the underwater world. I was delirious with joy!

This silence can be terrifying to some. Many can hardly get their day by without distractions. We need music while exercising, we watch television while having a smartphone in hand. This was different.

Why do we avoid this silence? Is it the fear that we create in the mind that prohibits us from enjoying this silence? Are we constantly creating some illusions from preconceived notions?

This silence here was relaxing for me. I knew I was in a safe place and most importantly, I trusted myself. It brought me closer to being mindful and I felt peace, contentment, and a sense of calm. Mindfulness made it possible to create this safe space of trust within me that opened up ways for me to enjoy this experience.

At a depth of about 19,685 feet, I could hang out with different species for almost 75 minutes. I could either panic during this experience or relax and enjoy the moment. I chose to relax in the silence. My sense of curiosity was increasing as I peered into the depths. My focus was on what’s ahead of me, as I could hear my own breathing through the regulator.

I sensed this feeling as if I have been here before.

It felt calm like a mother’s womb. One where my needs are taken care of. The bottom of the ocean was not as complex as we assume - it was so comforting, caring, peaceful, and a feeling of nothingness that made me move around without any worry. I did not struggle with my mind. It was right here, and in a meditative state with a greater awareness of my body and breathing patterns.

This silence can be terrifying to some.

Mindfulness does that. It teaches us to be aware of our breath every day through meditation while being present in the moment. A scuba diver also has to focus on breathing patterns as a continuous and steady breath is the base of this activity. If you are relaxed in your body, breath, and mind, you, as a diver, can easily unite with this water. It’s about the stillness of the mind that causes everything else to go away.

It was here while scuba diving, I discovered many other aspects about mindfulness in my journey. The best thing is, you can carry around this sense of quiet and calm even in your daily life.

Key Takeaways:

Explore a new activity: Scuba diving taught me so much about mindfulness. You too can find an activity that challenges you and makes you discover a new dimension to your personality.
Be mindful: If you are already practicing mindfulness, use this experience to sense it fully. New to mindfulness? Down the Mindfulness Meditation App to begin your practice.
Develop deeper connections: Explore yourself and understand yourself better. This will build improved connections in your life.
Begin the healing: Scuba diving helps with your physical and emotional healing. Underwater meditation is one of the most wonderful ways to be mindful and to heal yourself.
Go for experiences: Apart from reading books, opt to create an experience that will give you a lesson to learn.
Find joy in simple things: Appreciate the underwater life. Develop the habit of finding happiness in simple things.

This enjoyable and immersive experience brought me closer to my own self. My sense of mindfulness has increased even more giving me a chance to empower myself while teaching mindfulness and its techniques to others.

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