Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

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Category: Mindfulness

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Support your client to build self-confidence and be an expert at public-speaking.

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The fear of public speaking can put a dent in career opportunities while impacting confidence levels. The fear itself prevents a person from exploring their talents due to attachment to unhelpful beliefs. This guided Mindfulness Meditation script is useful to guide clients to a space of self-confidence and complete belief. The techniques melt away the fear to increase feelings of security and stability while empowering a person to meet the challenge with complete faith in self. The techniques support a person to overcome this fear and release their confidence to the world.

The Matrrix Guided Mindfulness Meditation Scripts are designed to support counselors, psychologists, nurses, hypnotherapists, Mindfulness Practitioners, and more in their professional practice. Clients gain suggestions to overcome problems, manage reactions, and find eternal inner peace.