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Be a Mindfulness Practitioner® with Matrrix

Matrrix offers the best mindfulness courses in India. Join the Mindfulness Practitioner® Course with Dr. Paras, a professional in this hugely rewarding field. We also offer a carefully curated Mindfulness Retreat program where you gain the techniques against the backdrop of nature.

Mindfulness Retreat

Learn to Live your Life in the Present Moment

Come, create a life you have always dreamed
about by releasing your fear of the unknown.


Make Mindfulness a Way of Life with our Certification Program and Retreat

Free your mind from stress, anxiety, depression, worry, and more.
Instill the feelings of hope, peace, love, forgiveness, and gratitude.


One Life, One Choice.
Be Mindful about It.

Take the first step towards mindfulness
to enjoy and live your life to the fullest.

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Welcome to the Mindfulness Practitioner® Workshop

You are one step away from change. Learn the Mindfulness techniques and practices to increase attention, awareness, and responsiveness. Take home the Mindfulness Practitioner® Certification by Dr. Paras.

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Mindfulness Practitioner® Certification

Dr. Paras offers the best online mindfulness courses as well as offline courses at his center in Pune. This certification includes programs designed for professionals looking to learn everything about mindfulness. People attending this course can also begin their own practitioner programs as the certification is approved by Matrrix - a certification body that governs the content of these courses.

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Mindfulness Practitioner®

Matrrix has launched a Mindfulness Practitioner® Certification program for professionals looking to implement these skills


Mindfulness Retreat

The hugely popular Mindfulness concepts and techniques can now be imbibed against a natural backdrop.

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e-Book by
Dr. Paras

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Dr. Paras explains the concepts of mindfulness by bringing the focus on living in the present using 5 methods as devised by him. You can use the Egotive, Spiritive, Cognitive, Emotive, and Active techniques to make mindfulness a part of your daily life. This eBook shares his ways to employ winning strategies to stop existing and live a fulfilled life. Download the free copy!

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Mindfulness Living Assessment

What is your Mindfulness Living Tendency? How mindful are you right now? Read more about the Mindfulness Living Assessment to get deep insights into your moment-by-moment awareness.

Welcome to the World of Mindfulness! Dr. Paras, a Mindfulness Practitioner has compiled a Mindfulness Living assessment that gives you a deeper look into your own personality. The assessment is suitable for anyone who wants to measure the various scales of Mindfulness such as self-awareness, accountability, emotion management, mindful communication, and the ability to live in the present moment. How does this serve you? The assessment gives you details such as knowing your unconscious patterns and limiting self-beliefs with the help of 5 scales. An individual will be able to connect better with their emotions, manage thought processes, improve communication, and work on challenges by being their own Mindfulness Coach.

Mindfulness Practitioner Dr. Paras has created this Mindfulness Living Assessment for every individual looking to connect with the present moment and enjoy life as it beautifully unfolds.

Please click here to understand how to interpret the assessment.

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Download the Best Mindfulness Meditation App now and contribute for a cause.

The Mindfulness App by Dr Paras Wellness Pvt Ltd is available for a reasonable sum of $15 a year or $2.4 a month. 10% of each purchase will be used for the development of Dr Paras Wellness Pvt Ltd, a not-for-profit organization. Dr Paras Wellness Pvt Ltd is focused on personal development of all individuals to create societies that are self-aware and work towards empowering each other. Learn more.