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What is mindfulness? How can mindfulness change our lives? Dr. Paras is a Mindfulness Practitioner® who has spent many years using and transferring the knowledge of mindfulness to all. His years of extensive research led to the creation of findings, and realizations. What followed was a meticulous journey to bring these valuable nuggets of information on one platform.

This Mindfulness eBook by Dr. Paras is his gift to all his readers, students, coaches, therapists, clients, and followers worldwide. In this book, you’ll find the concepts of mindfulness unfolding through the creative thoughts of Dr. Paras. He explains mindfulness and ego, cognition and mindfulness, mindfulness and emotions, as well as important goal setting techniques you need to know. This is a must if you wish to make mindfulness a way of life using small steps as unfolded by Dr. Paras.

Download the Mindfulness eBook today. We hope you connect with Dr. Paras on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share how this eBook changed your life.
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