Mindfulness Practitioner®

Mindfulness Practitioner®

Become a certified Mindfulness Practitioner in 7 days


Matrrix has launched a Mindfulness Practitioner Certification program for professionals looking to implement these skills as a practitioner as well as for their personal development. The Matrrix Mindfulness Program needs no prior knowledge or experience in this area. A keen desire and an open mind is a must to reap the full benefits of this highly educational program. The Matrrix Mindfulness Practitioner Certification program is a holistic learning process. Individuals will find this as an alternate process to live life to the fullest while imparting knowledge to everyone who shows willingness to follow this path.

The Matrrix Mindfulness Practitioner Certification Program is a comprehensive one designed for individuals who seek to develop, practice and teach mindfulness with an open approach to self and life. Not to be confused with coaching, counseling or therapies, mindfulness is a psychological and spiritual process that helps an individual evolve and be completely aware of the body, mind, and soul. With mindfulness, one learns to observe, question, and reflect every moment. This enables every Mindfulness Practitioner to develop accountability, emotional sensitivity, and improve communication with self and others. This is an exceptionally powerful tool that enables every individual who signs up for the program to adopt a completely new mindset. This change in thinking creates a lasting impact on self-development while altering the outlook to one’s life. The individual learns to move away from self-harming negative thoughts to alter the mental framework to a more positive one that adds value to each day.

This Mindfulness Practitioner certification program is a step-by-step guide for those looking to make mindfulness a way of life and wanting to reap the rich benefits of inculcating a positive outlook.

The program is headed by Dr. Paras, an EMCC and ICF certified coach with over 15+ years of expertise in this field. The Mindfulness Practitioner Certification Training Program is designed to deepen your connection with your own self while partnering with you to impart this knowledge to others, creating a more fulfilling and rewarding career path for aspiring Mindfulness Practitioners.
So, are you ready to begin your exploration journey?


What is Mindfulness Training?

Mindfulness is about bringing your focus to your current state of mind and being completely aware of your mental state. This is a mind training practice that involves bringing the attention on your experiences, emotions, thoughts, and sensations in the present moment. Put simply, the more you train your mind to pay attention to what you are experiencing, as you experience it, the faster you will learn to turn the attention away from the mindless chatter. Mindfulness training may appear straightforward, but a licensed practitioner is required to guide you to kickstart this process. You learn to pause, breathe, and choose your responses well. With mindfulness, you learn to make choices which are appropriate for you by being conscious at every level.

Mindfulness practitioner training is useful to unlock everything you naturally possess and make it readily available to you on a daily basis. With mindfulness, you hold the key to your happiness without any external disturbances.


What You Will Learn in the Mindfulness Practitioner Certification Program by Matrrix
Date: Check schedule
Duration: 7-day face-to-face program. Also available as a 9-week program for online learning anywhere across the globe.
Hours: 56
The Matrrix Mindfulness Practitioner Certification program is designed to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. You’ll learn all you need to know about practicing mindfulness and begin a full-fledged career upon certification. You’ll learn new things about yourself, and determine how to collaborate with people successfully. You face every adversity with a completely new sense of hope, a sound approach, and employ the use of winning strategies.
Bring the focus on Living in the Present in 5 ways.

1) Ego and Self (Egotive)

Goal: Learn how to let go of your ego.
  • Six Ego Traps: The Mindfulness Practitioner program helps you distinguish between your own self and ego. Discover how not to get embroiled in ego traps by improving awareness and thought process. Understand how to program your mind better by keeping your ego in control with a focus on self. The ‘self’ knows the right thing to do and by connecting with yourself, you easily release self-doubts and negative emotions.
  • Understanding Your Mind and its Program (Deletion, Distortion, Generalization): Learn how to reduce generalization, deletion, and distortion to improve how you think, feel, and act. You can choose to make your language empowering to self and others.
  • Understanding False Interpretations and Drivers: You live life on your own interpretations or assumptions of others leading to misunderstandings and ignorance of the truth. With the Mindfulness Training program, you increase your awareness and pay attention to how you may easily assume messages and interpret it differently. Most importantly, you learn how to rectify your interpretations in an appropriate manner for a happier life.
  • Functional Analysis (Ego States): Learn to employ the principles that are based on the natural science of behavior. This helps you to ascertain the purpose for a behavior. You also understand the relationship between stimuli and responses where you learn to drop your ego and rediscover your own self.
  • Emotional Games and Life Positions: Develop the ability to stop the blame games and take complete ownership for your actions. Improve your mental flexibility to change your underlying decisions and beliefs. Form a new pattern to draft your own script for life.
  • The Need for Self-Care: Bring a focus on your own self. Learn to love yourself with all your positives and self-defined flaws. Pay more attention to appreciate yourself with empowering self-talk that has an outlook to raise yourself despite outcomes, every single day.

2) Spiritual (Spiritive)

Goal: Embrace new learnings of life with an open mind.
  • Mindfulness - Defining and Redefining: What is mindfulness? Learn all about the mindfulness practice and be in tune with your thoughts right in the present moment. You no longer will look over your shoulder towards the past or worry about the future.
  • Purpose: This Mindfulness Practitioner program will make you discover the purpose of your life. Why are you here? What is your true passion? Discover answers to many questions pertaining to your life.
  • Inner Alignment: Learn how to align your head with your heart and intuition. Avoid the constant tug-of-war between these three by bringing a sense of calm and listening to your one true calling.
  • The Art of Apology: Are you constantly reprimanding yourself for your mistakes? Learn to apologize to your own self first, for your mistakes, miscalculations, and incorrect judgments. Improve your connection with others by apologizing where required and develop a strong sense of forgiving others.
  • Chakra Dhyana: Use the power of meditation to activate the chakras with the Chakra Dhyana meditation. Awaken your kundalini energy (energy within you) in the chakra (energy points within your body) by cultivating energy through the use of chakras - the 7 main energy centers in our body. Incorporate the use of colors to lighten your mood, relax the body, and uplift the spirit.
  • Connecting Values, Motives, Beliefs: Did you know your motives are connected with your values? And, these are in turn connected with your beliefs? Your beliefs are based on your own requirements for life. Find the right balance with this Mindfulness program.
  • Renowned Teachers and their Theories: This mindfulness training certification also shares learnings and theories of teachers such as the Buddha and spiritual masters such as Rumi, Zen, Tao while imparting knowledge on their important theories.

3) Cognition (Cognitive)

Goal: Improve the way you think to make wise decisions.
  • A-B-C-D-E Technique: Learn the A-B-C-D-E method (developed by Albert Ellis) that provides a clear framework to help you gain back the control of your life. This uncomplicated approach is packed with action and discipline to sort your life by spending time on things that add value to your schedule. Use this method to break down your emotional experiences and master your thoughts and emotions.
  • Questions: The Mindfulness Program by Matrrix includes a set of questions to bring you closer to knowing your own self.
  • Culture Parent: The aim is to build awareness about the way you are and the distinctive patterns you have imbibed from your surroundings and peers. You learn to unlearn certain behaviors ingrained by others causing you to behave in a predictable manner. When you unlearn what you know, you create a path to embrace new techniques to build a great life.
  • Communication with Self and Others: This program emphasizes the importance of developing the habit of healthy communication with self. It also helps you establish a healthy relationship with others to create an environment that is conducive for growth.
  • Creating a New Plan: How to build a learning plan for your life and make the right choices to create a life you desire.
  • Power of Affirmations: Take control of your thoughts and use the power of affirmations to reprogram the way you think. You can control your thoughts and bring a conscious change by paying attention to the way you communicate with self.

4) Emotions (Emotive)

Goal:Learn to acknowledge your current emotions, identify triggers, and work around them.
  • Forgive and Forget: This Mindfulness Practitioner program is designed to make you release problem-areas of the past and to move ahead without any inhibitions
  • Emotional Triggers: What makes you happy or sad? Learn to understand these triggers and develop better control over your emotions.
  • Understanding Emotions: What are your needs? Do you have the tendency to display a specific emotion all the time? Get to know details about your own personality, and learn to work around it to understand your emotions.
  • Relationship and Emotional Needs: As we grow, we form relationships with everyone around us. Here, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the needs that we have from every relationship, why we react the way we do, and how to acknowledge these emotions.

5) Actions (Active)

Goal:Take the most appropriate actions to bring the results you desire.
  • 6 Step Process: Life is fraught with challenges and problems. What matters is how you face these - with a smile or a frown. Learn the 6 step process for effective problem-solving to make you confront challenges with ease.
  • T-E-A Model: Developed by Dr. Paras, this exclusive model explores the Thinking, feeling of the Emotions and knowing if they are all Aligned to one’s action (T-E-A).
  • Permission Door: Are you withholding your happiness or peace due to unknown reasons? With the Permission Door technique, you learn to give permission to yourself to be happy, find inner peace and know yourself better, be more accepting, discover new paths, and much more.
  • Unlearning and Re-Decision: Get the power back in your hands by unlearning what you do not require and re-learning what you require to create what you want in your life, right now.
  • Empty Chair Technique: Resolve deep-rooted emotional problems, explore the relationship with self and others, develop a better understanding of various aspects of your personality and facilitate a better relationship with everyone.
  • Olurra Technique: Apply the full range of Observing, Learning, Unlearning, Reframing, Reflecting, and being Aware to improve your life, and of those around you.

The Matrrix Mindfulness Certification Program is designed for individuals with an open outlook towards life and for those who seek to apply the teachings to self and others. Write to us for details.


The Mindfulness Practitioner Program is devised to increase awareness of one’s thought patterns. It prepares one to recognize these thoughts and build upon those that add value to life. The modern Mindfulness movement is aimed to change one’s perception towards self. This is an important tool to enable individuals manage their emotions in a healthy manner. With this program, Matrrix aims to empower people to build a strong foundation for themselves while spreading the right values, and beliefs to live in the present. Individuals are equipped to work independently with clients using the Mindfulness techniques imparted in this practitioner certification program.

The philosophy of Dr. Paras, a certified Mindfulness Practitioner, is based on reprogramming the mind. He lends his expertise through this program while partnering with people to think and adopt a healthy approach to life by bringing a moment-to-moment awareness.

Program Highlights:

  • Get access to mindfulness resources, worksheets, tools, techniques, practitioner book, theories, models and other materials designed to help you begin your own career as a certified Mindfulness Practitioner.
  • Study Face-to-Face with Dr. Paras or opt for an online learning program. Select your preferred location to enjoy this program.
  • Anyone and everyone who achieves the certification successfully can practice and teach by strictly adhering and applying the same principles as outlined in the program.
  • Learn a broad range of styles along with the most relevant methods tailored to suit the modern day requirements of mindfulness.
  • Facilitate a transformation in others through effective communication.
  • Have fun while you learn. The Matrrix Mindfulness Practitioner Program is the most exciting retreat you’ll enjoy set against a beautiful backdrop of nature to connect with your inner self.
  • Mingle with experts from various walks of life. Network and collaborate to expand your reach.

The Matrrix Mindfulness Certification Program is designed to include all the details you’ll need to begin your journey as a Mindfulness Practitioner. The program materials are certified by Matrrix.


The Licensed Mindfulness Practitioner Program includes a focus on developing these 7 core competencies for every individual.

  • Contracting: Develops the ability to collaborate and work with prospective clients in a seamless manner. Has the ability to define the mindfulness process and explain all guidelines and details associated with mindfulness. Guidelines used must include complete details about the schedules, fees, and other parameters. Should express and reach an agreement by defining what is being included and excluded in the relationship, client and Mindfulness Practitioner responsibility, and more.
  • Listening: Learns to listen to individuals and groups beyond just words (pays attention to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice) with the intent to listen before responding. And, has a high level of attention with a non-judgmental attitude.
  • Questioning: Develops the ability to express freely and raise the right questions with the intent to reveal relevant information that is beneficial for the client and Mindfulness Practitioner relationship. Is capable of asking various questions that gently nudge a client towards the desired outcome, thereby allowing a client to access and express uncomfortable areas. Questions must evoke action, create greater clarity, and display an understanding of the client’s perspective.
  • Self-awareness: The program ensures increased self-awareness and systemic awareness empowering individuals with the ability to observe and reflect their thoughts, actions, and behaviors on a daily basis.
  • Creating Presence: Bring yourself to the present moment, in the here and now. Build on your charismatic presence and be fully conscious to develop a healthy and spontaneous relationship with the client. Displays the right approach that is flexible, open, and exudes confidence.
  • Action Planning: Develop the skills to create strong action plans that outline goals, objectives, strategies, and more to achieve a specific goal. Has the ability to collaborate with clients and brainstorm on required actions, build focus, discuss concern areas, explore suitable opportunities, and take new actions that lead to the required client and Mindfulness Practitioner goals.
  • Self-Reflection: Understands the need for self-reflection and can practice introspection with ease. Learns to display the willingness to explore more about oneself and partners with clients to achieve similar results. Develops the ability to assess and study oneself as well as the client for personal-development and other goals.


The Matrrix Mindfulness Certification Program include numerous benefits. Some are listed below.

  • This Mindfulness Practitioner Program is created to improve your awareness levels.
  • Learn to establish a healthy relationship with self and others.
  • Understand how to apply these skills in daily life with complete confidence.
  • Develop awareness about yourself, your mind, how you function, and why your responses are built in a certain way.
  • Empower yourself by keeping the key to your happiness within yourself.
  • Learn to respond carefully instead of reacting quickly.
  • Share your learnings as an expert Mindfulness Practitioner and add more value to your current role. Get higher ROI (Return on Investment) in everything you do.
  • Change self-limiting beliefs, overcome undesired emotions, work around unhelpful habits
  • Use the Mindfulness Practitioner Program materials and resources for added knowledge.
  • Learn under the guidance of Dr. Paras, an internationally recognized life coach with over 15+ years of expertise and founder of Matrrix, and IIUEF (not-for-profit).

Who can join the Mindfulness Practitioner Program?

Anyone from the age group of 18 to 70 can join the Matrrix Mindfulness Practitioner Program. This program is suitable for all therapists, professionals in the healthcare industry (physiotherapists, nurses), counselors, consultants, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, students, and anyone who wants to widen one’s perspective about self while displaying a genuine desire to help others. This program is also suitable for professionals in the leadership and management roles such as HR, Managers, Leaders, SMEs, Mentors who need to develop the right approaches to influence and inspire team members, clients, etc.

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