Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation is the act of pausing in your present moment to focus your mind on your thoughts, feelings, actions, environment, and more. With regular practice that can begin from even 5 minutes, meditation is helpful to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, as well as boost concentration levels, goal-setting, and more. The practice of meditation using the technique of mindfulness brings us to a non-judgmental state wherein we can truly experience life without taking in too much stress.

Meditation has many benefits to calm your mind and bring focus on things that truly matter. You develop an improved clarity for thinking. This gives you the power to make the right choices for life. Over time, your mind and body will tend to feel relaxed even in the most stressful of situations. You learn to release the emotions you do not need and be aware of the present moment. Meditation is a fantastic way to cut the clutter and noisy chatter of the mind. You can meditate anywhere in your house daily as long as you declutter that area and listen to the audio files on the app.

With this Mindfulness App, we would like to give you a beautiful experience of meditating in your favorite location while using the powers of creative visualization. We, at Dr Paras Wellness Pvt Ltd, wish to create many such wonderful moments, wherein you can open a whole new world in the palm of your hand, within our app. We look forward to joining you on many such mindfulness and meditation sessions that focus on areas such as career, relationships, success, peace, health, contentment, overcoming fears, and more. Dr. Paras personally lends his expertise to every session making it truly exclusive for every user.

Meditation is not something you need to focus on as a target and worry all the time. You need to be at ease and not worry about the destination. Instead, learn to enjoy the journey towards discovering a new facet of your personality through meditation. All you need to do is find a comfortable seating position and area and listen to the sessions in the app. You may also choose to lie down, use a chair, or be seated on the floor. You need to flow gradually into this state of blissful meditation. The aim is learning to let go of the need to control every situation. Use the sessions in the app to move towards your goal, one step at a time, and truly enjoy your journey.

Begin with the Mindfulness App meditation series. Your first month is a free 30-day trial with access to certain exclusive sessions. You can also choose your preferred topics or areas you wish to improve. You can always ‘Try before you buy’ and opt to subscribe to get full access to the app. Select from a range of series and themes. Browse through topics that pertain to your problem-areas. Create a playlist of your most favorite sessions and listen anytime you’d like with just one tap! Follow the instructions available on the screen and attempt to maintain a regular discipline. A regular routine assures you results in the areas you wish to improve. Ensure you find a cool and calm place and block out the light if you wish to enjoy the best of the meditation sessions by Dr. Paras.

Relax! That is completely normal. Meditation is not about stopping your thinking process. The aim is to bring a higher self-awareness level to the thoughts you allow to enter your mind. With regular meditation sessions, you can observe, reflect, and learn to respond better to work on your thoughts. The App includes a range of sessions that have varied purposes. You can calm your mind, overcome your fears, and open many doors where none existed before. These simple techniques are designed to make you connect with your inner self while mastering how to quieten the mind and bringing a sense of calm. Meditation is an experience that varies per person. So, learn to be calm and patient without worrying about the result.

If you feel uncomfortable, you need to attempt to find a position that best suits you. Meditation is not only about the lotus pose. You can meditate by sitting on a chair, in the bed or even while standing! So, please relax, trust your body, and you’ll soon find a posture best suited for your body.

The whole purpose of meditation is to pause from your current situation and bring attention to your thoughts, emotions and actions. You must not use these files while you are doing another activity such as being at work or watching television. Do not use these files while driving. Always ensure you set aside time that is best suitable for your schedule without the need to multitask this beautiful practice.

Absolutely not! As long as you follow all the instructions as detailed by the Mindfulness Practitioner, there are no side effects at all! We recommend you to practice daily, follow the instructions with great attention, and you’ll soon see a difference in your daily habits.

Meditation is beneficial for everyone. You do not have to follow a particular religion or leave your current one to meditate. Meditation has evolved from Eastern spiritual disciplines and does not propagate any religion.

Yes, of course. Meditation is meant for everyone.

You can meditate at a time that is most comfortable for you. You can meditate anywhere and anytime where you are not easily distracted. The App is not meant to be used while driving.

Relax and follow your natural breath. You can also refer to your Mindfulness Practitioners’ suggestions during the sessions.

Meditation is deeply relaxing. This is completely normal. You can alter your position of meditation to stop feeling too drowsy, (E.g.: Placing a towel underneath your seat. It ensures your posture is elevated and makes you sit upright.)

You must first focus on the goal of your meditation. Your improvements can only be measured with your daily awareness levels. You have to be slow and patient as this is a discipline. The habit needs to be inculcated with dedication and complete commitment.

Yes, of course! All users will enjoy a free 30-day extension once you cross 50 referrers. Similarly, enjoy a free 2-month subscription for over 100+ referrals. The more you share and show you care, we’ll be happy to offer free subscription benefits as you join us in our endeavor to inspire, empower, and transform lives!

That’s great! We knew you’d loved our sessions, so you can use the ‘Social Sharing’ buttons for members who are also users of the Mindfulness App. The sessions cannot be shared with users who are not subscribed to the Mindfulness App.

Yes! We offer a 30-day extension so you can enjoy all the benefits of the app without paying any extra charge. We think that’s cool!

The power of the subconscious mind is infinite. Use the sessions to discover your potential and achieve everything you were always afraid of.

Sorry! We do not have this option for now. We suggest you to continue using the app to enjoy the unlimited benefits you will manifest in your life.

No. The Mindfulness App is an added asset you can use on a daily basis. This is not to be confused with medical treatment. It can be used as an alternate form to heal yourself.

If you are under treatment for clinical depression, we advise you to check with your doctor or counselor before proceeding with the app sessions. The sessions in the app are not a substitute for any medication.


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